Bi-folding doors

We’re proud to supply top-quality Origin bi-folding doors as part of our product range. Bi-folding doors are a smart, elegant way to add real value to a property and maximise the feeling of space. As well as improving the overall look of a property, bi-folding doors do a spectacular job of blending indoor and outdoor living, whatever the weather.

Bi-folding doors: Transforming the way we use our outdoor and indoor spaces

Featuring glass panels that fold back entirely, bi-folding doors help to flood the room with daylight and create a continuous flow between outdoor and indoor areas. Ideal for any family home or for people who love to entertain, bi-folding doors make rooms feel more flexible and spacious. They also help us make the most of our gardens all year round. So, even when the weather is at its most British, you can still enjoy unmatched garden views and maximum natural light—without setting foot outside.

Why choose bi-folding doors?

Origin is the UK’s top manufacturer of bi-folding doors, and it’s easy to see why its products are so popular:

  • Come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Instantly transform the space and create immediate impact.
  • Create a sense of harmony and flow between indoor and outdoor areas.
  • An easy, cost-effective way to upgrade and add value to a property.
  • Allow year-round enjoyment of the terrace, patio or garden.
  • High security standards give you peace of mind.
  • Doors glide open and closed effortlessly, making them extremely easy for anyone to use.
  • Special hinges prevent little fingers from getting trapped in the folding doors.
  • Easy to maintain and very durable.
  • An energy efficient choice, providing better ventilation in summer months and cosy warmth in the winter months.
  • Choose from a range of finishes to suit any property or taste.
  • Ideal for any type of property, from commercial and public buildings to residential properties.
  • Suitable for use in character and modern properties.

Somerville Glass & Windows: The top choice for beautiful bi-folding doors

Our extensive range of beautifully crafted Origin aluminium bi-folding doors is available in many different RAL colours, we also supply Smart Aluminium and Schuco bi-folds, both of which are available in a range of colours. Our entire range of bi-folding doors is available on a supply-only basis, and we are always happy to advise on which product or style is best suited to your project.

We have a large collection of bi-folding doors in our showroom, so why not come along and test them for yourself? Alternatively, you can contact us and talk to one of our knowledgeable team members about our range of bi-folding doors.