Lantern roofs 

We supply the full range of Atlas lantern roofs—the most thermally efficient, strong and elegant lantern roof systems available today. Whether you want to create a new extension with a lantern roof, or replace an old, inefficient lantern roof, our gorgeous range of Atlas systems will fill the room with natural light and turn any roof into a real talking point.

Lantern roofs: Beautiful features that transform any room

When you choose a lantern roof, you’re making the roof the star of the show and getting a beautiful architectural feature in the process. Lantern roofs create an expansive feeling of space in a home and they are an ingenious way to let in more light. In fact, even on the gloomiest days, lantern roofs let in an enormous amount of natural light, which helps save energy and significantly changes the way we enjoy a space. The effect is just as stunning on a starry night too.

All lantern roofs are intended to maximise natural light, but not all lantern roofs are created equal. Only the best on the market look beautiful both on the inside and the outside. This is where Atlas systems really make their mark. Atlas lantern roofs are cleverly designed with discreet, super-slim rafters, giving the very best views of the sky from the inside, and a neat, sleek look from the outside.

Advantages of choosing an Atlas lantern roof

Atlas systems guarantee unrivalled engineering, thermal efficiency and strength, and that’s why they are the market leader for lantern roofs. Here are the main reasons to choose an Atlas product for your project or property:

  • Both traditional and modern designs are available.
  • Choose from regular double glazing and triple glazing options.
  • Superb strength means a lighter and thinner structure overall, ensuring a crisp, clean look.
  • The main ridge is 70% slimmer and sightlines are 30% slimmer than competitors’ systems.
  • Thermal efficiency is twice that of other brands, and systems come with the most insulated rafters available.
  • High insulation levels reduce the chance of condensation.
  • Outstanding thermal efficiency means you can use the space all year round and even reduce energy bills.
  • Systems can be sprayed in any RAL colour, and there’s a variety of finishes and foils available.
  • Choose from uPVC and aluminium caps to suit your taste.

Somerville Glass & Windows: Expert suppliers of Atlas lantern roof systems

We have been supplying high-spec Atlas lantern roofs for many years, and we are proud to be a trusted supplier for this market-leading brand. We have the experience and know-how to help you find just the right lantern roof for your space and needs, whether you are adding one as an entirely new architectural feature, or upgrading an old lantern roof.

If you would like to find out more about our stunning range of Atlas lantern roofs, please do contact us. Or, if you prefer, you can come by our showroom and talk to our friendly team in person.