Patio and French doors

Enhance the interior appearance and exterior appeal of your property with our extensive range of stylish sliding patio and French doors.

A timeless, versatile and popular choice for any property

We increasingly expect our homes to provide multifunctional spaces and blend indoor and outdoor living with ease. Patio doors allow you to do just that—you can make the most of your inside and outside spaces and increase the flexibility of your property, all without spending a fortune. As well as being extremely practical, today’s patio doors are an attractive and elegant addition to any property, offering a quick and simple way to update the look and feel of a space. Furthermore, patio doors are suitable for absolutely any sized property, and those that open and close with a sliding mechanism are particularly good space savers.

Are patio doors right for your property?

There are many advantages to adding patio doors to your property, from updating the look of your home to making it more energy efficient and user-friendly. Here are the main benefits you can look forward to:

  • Maximises light and provides great views of the garden and patio.
  • Increases the visual appeal of a property, both inside and outside.
  • Very simple to use. Sliding patio doors glide open and closed with ease.
  • Excellent thermal efficiency rating for added warmth in colder months.
  • Allows increased ventilation in warmer weather.
  • Extremely safe and secure.
  • Tough, durable and very easy to maintain.
  • A range of styles and finishes available to suit any taste, from standard white uPVC to anthracite grey.
  • Suitable for newer properties as well as character properties.
  • Perfect for any type and size of property, including residential, commercial and public buildings.

Experts in supplying and fitting top-of-the-range patio doors

At Somerville Glass & Windows, we supply and fit a huge selection of sliding patio and French doors, in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes. Our job is to help you transform your home by providing exactly the right patio doors for your property and needs. We’ll work closely with you so that we can understand just what you’re looking for and offer you the best choice possible.

We can also replace existing patio doors, bringing the look of your home right up to date and ensuring you have the latest security and ease-of-use features that come with the newest patio door designs.

We have an extensive range of patio doors in our showroom and we invite you to stop by and see the quality of the range first hand. You can also contact us and talk to one of our expert staff about our sliding patio and French doors. Or, if you prefer, we would be happy to come to your property and provide a free consultation on adding patio doors to your home or replacing existing patio doors.