Replacement double glazed units 

At Somerville Glass & Windows, we offer a wide selection of replacement double glazed units. We can provide these on a supply-only basis, or we can supply and install the replacement units for you.

What are replacement double glazed units?

Replacement double glazed units are used to replace failed double glazed units—the individual glass units in double glazed windows that are no longer up to the job. These failed units may be misted up with condensation, broken, or simply not fitting properly. Not only are failed double glazed units visually unattractive, they are often inefficient and can result in increased energy use. If you have a problem with your existing double glazing, it is well worth replacing the failed units with new double glazed units. It’s a quick, simple and affordable job that will make a big difference to your property.

Why choose replacement double glazed units?

We believe no one should have to put up with broken, misted or ill-fitting windows. Replacement double glazing units provide an easy fix and have many advantages:

  • Replacing failed units instantly enhances the look of your property—and your enjoyment of it.
  • Broken units can pose a serious security issue, so replacing them can help increase security and safety.
  • Replacement double glazing units are affordable, saving you the cost of replacing the whole window.
  • Our replacement units are tough, durable and very thermally efficient.
  • We can provide a quick turnaround on sealed units of around 2–5 working days.
  • A wide range of styles and finishes is available to suit absolutely any property.
  • We will match any pattern and finish, ensuring the replacement units blend well with your existing double glazing.
  • We can replace failed double glazing units in any type of building, including commercial and public buildings as well as residential properties.

A replacement double glazing service that’s fast, friendly and efficient

At Somerville Glass & Windows, we have been supplying and installing double glazing in the Reading area for around 30 years. So, if you have a problem with failed double glazing units, we have the knowledge and experience to help. We offer a huge variety of replacement double glazed units, available on a supply-only or supply-and-installation basis. If you choose our expert installation service, we’ll come to your property to measure up and ensure a perfect fit, and then install the replacement units at a time that’s convenient for you. Plus, with our extremely fast turnaround times, you can be enjoying trouble-free replacement units in no time.

We’re looking forward to solving your double glazing problems, so please contact us and talk to one of our friendly team members about our replacement double glazing units. Alternatively, you can come by our showroom and talk to us in person, or we can come to you and give a free consultation on supplying replacement double glazed units.