Secondary double glazing

Adding secondary glazing is a brilliant idea if you’re looking to reduce noise, keep out unwanted draughts and improve the energy efficiency of your building.

What is secondary double glazing?

Secondary double glazing effectively means adding another window inside your existing windows. The secondary window sits within its own frame that is fixed to the existing window. Because it’s considered a non-permanent, removable addition, secondary double glazing is perfect for listed buildings or when you cannot remove existing windows for conservation reasons. In fact, secondary glazing is even recommend by English Heritage for use in historic buildings. Secondary double glazing is also an affordable alternative to fitting new double glazing windows throughout an entire property, or for use in particular trouble spots in a building. Plus, it’s not just for character buildings—secondary double glazing is frequently used in new buildings that are located in particularly noisy or cold areas.

Advantages of choosing secondary double glazing for your property?

Here are some of the main benefits you can look forward to when you choose to install secondary double glazing:

  • Far easier, more cost effective and more sympathetic than replacing all your existing windows.
  • Can be applied just to one window or to all windows in a property.
  • Preserves the external character of a property, without compromising on comfort.
  • Slimline, discreet design preserves the interior appearance.
  • Comes in your choice of hinged units, lift-out secondary units and horizontal sliders.
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes available to suit any building and space.
  • Offers extremely high levels of thermal efficiency.
  • Brilliant for soundproofing and cutting down external noise.
  • Provides important additional security for single glazed windows.
  • Dramatically improves insulation and energy efficiency levels, helping to save money on energy bills.

Quality secondary double glazing from Somerville Glass & Windows

Across our 30 years’ experience in the double glazing market, we’ve fitted secondary double glazing units at a wide variety of properties—from character homes in conservation areas to new homes and commercial buildings. We take pride in helping you enhance your property and in making it a comfortable, secure place to be. With that in mind, we’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and the unique requirements of your property. Our friendly, experienced staff will recommend the best products for your property, and our expert installation team will fit your secondary double glazing in a fast, efficient manner.

Please do get in touch or visit our showroom to find out more about our range of secondary double glazing units. Alternatively, we would be delighted to visit you and give a free consultation on supplying and installing secondary double glazing at your property.